We believe that people should be connected by what they care about; by who they really are. That’s why we created a place where every opinion counts. You don’t need to have the most posts or the biggest following… you just need to be you.

The things you care about…

If you already know… chances are, we have a topic already, and if we don’t, you can create your own! Topics are easy to find, fun to create and a perfect way to share and learn more about what you love.

If you’re looking for inspiration… Our topic list is growing exponentially every day. We’ll be posting new editorial content on the regular, and who knows what brilliant topics your friends and other users will whip up.

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The information you seek…

The idea for Votopin was born when our founder was searching for a great movie to go see. The movie he picked had received five stars, but what he couldn’t easily figure out was why it got that rating. More importantly, he had no way of knowing who gave it that rating, and if their opinion would even matter to him.

To get to the information you want, faster, every topic with opinions has its own info-graphic. That means you get to see a clear and simple snapshot of the public opinion, and better yet- we keep it updated in real time. Votopin isn’t an outdated polling platform or a star rating system, it’s a quick and simple way to see where you stand and find out who’s with you.

The people you want to know…

We want you to be able to connect with people who love the same things as you, and we want to help you to find them quickly and easily. Votopin calculates Likeness Scores between you and others based on the opinions that you share (because opinions are powerful, and not just skin deep).

Check in with your Likeminded list and you may just find your next favorite band, that little gem of a restaurant you never knew existed, a new vacation destination, or maybe even a little creative inspiration. It’s easy to follow your favorite users, and you can start a great conversation by inviting them to a private chat.

Votopin is your daily news source, your megaphone, your knowledge center, and your best connection tool. We invite you to a better place to share and connect, a place where your experience, your insights, and what you love are all you’ll ever need.

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