Does Microsoft Have Their Head In The Wrong ‘Cloud’?

New CEO Satya Nadella spells the end for Microsoft according to today’s featured VotoCard. What Do You Think Lies Ahead For Microsoft?

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Current 50/50 Split If Microsoft Can Compete With Apple or Google

Current 50/50 Split If Microsoft Can Compete With Apple or Google


Weighing in on Misterwives’ ‘Relfections’

60% of users STRONGLY AGREE they really like this album! Here are some featured VotoCards from user Mandi Hutchison from Delavan, Illinois & the bands bassist himself, William Hehir, from right here in NYC.

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MisterwivesVotoCard1 MisterwivesVotoCard2

2013 is the “Year of the Bitcoins”!

2013 has been herald by Forbes as the “Year of the Bitcoin”! – Prices have soared from $1 to about $1000 this year, retailers promoted Black Friday Bitcoin deals for the first time, a university in Cyprus received its first tuition payment in bitcoins, and celebrity Snoop Dog (Lion) claims his next record will be sold in bitcoins and delivered by drone. Who knows what 2014 holds in store for the new crypto-currency, but one thing for sure is the Votopin community will be sharing opinions every step of the way!


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photo 1 photo 2

Cyber Monday is “The year online went mobile”: How did you spend it?

Although it’s an unofficial holiday, more and more people are shopping on the internet. CEO of, Joel Anderson, says that he had expected more than half of online traffic to come from mobile devices…he was right! 55% of this years traffic was indeed from mobile.

Our users who went shopping online have something to say about Cyber Monday as well!

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SALES SALES SALES: Find out what kind of shopper you are!

You may see a 50% off discount on every corner today, but those retailers won’t tell you who actually will be taking advantage of their door busters. Votopin lets you know what kind of shopper you are, who will be with you, and if you’ll bump into a friend or two 🙂

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Happy Thanksgiving! Turkey, Football and Parades!

HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Spread your thanks by DOWNLOAD THE APP to let everyone know what you’re thankful for. We’d love to get some great selfies of you with your favorite Thanksgiving day treats 🙂  Make sure to also check out our featured topics for today:

  • It’s game day! Dallas Cowboy, Detroit Lions, Green Bay Packers, Oakland Raiders, Pittsburgh Steelers,  & the Baltimore Ravens!
  • Black Friday – we are sure there are some pretty split opinions on this “unofficial” shoppers’ holida
  • Thanksgivukkah – the SUPER-holiday spectacular event of the year, sure to bring the best of both cuisines!
  • Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade with balloons and 3.5 million people lining the streets of NYC

Here are two of our favorite VotoCards on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving FeatVotoCard 1 Thanksgiving FeatVotoCard 2